Continuous disconnection loop

i started playing from the pre-patch_shadowlands.
its been fine until i got into shadowlands itself!
i have continuous disconnection loop for around 3-4 minutes after a random disconnection!!
i can enter world and see my charecter for 2-3 sec and i disconnect again!
i failed alotta mythic+/raids bcuz of that.
the list of things i tried:
clearing cache
turning off unimportant addons(the only addons turned on are weakaura,healbot,elvui,dbm,)

i have to notice that a friend of mine have the same issue.

Sad to hear you’re still having issues with this :frowning:
Have you tried removing your addons completely by renaming your WTF, Cache and interface folders?
Have you made sure your graphics card drivers and operating system are fully updated?

i tried updating my drivers and thought it just got fixed!
but it happend again just now!.
since the problem happens so random i can’t test it without addons!
it happend when i posted the issue and happend now there is a +24h diffrence
i tried testing it with a very few addons that i mentioned above!

Same issue here. Also started getting Error 132 now, and I see from the US forums that many others are too.

I’ve had 3 DC loops today. Once after killing the last boss in the Stockades, once after killing the last boss in Mauradon and once after creating a new char leveling on Exiles Reach. For the last one I could sometimes log in, but the second I moved the camera I DCed again. I tried using the selfhelp unstuck thing which teleported the char to Durotar, then I could log in without issues.

I’ve tried to updated drivers and completly reinstall the game. Same DC issues and Error 132 after those started.

Windows did install a update earlier today so I suspect that might be the cause of these issues.

welcome to the club,

Continuous issue of being stuck on loading screens [NEW TOPIC]

the helpful CS locked the thread to avoid the headache :slight_smile:

I find it frustrating that a lot of support help is the same, and it does seem that they don’t read that 99% of the responses are ‘well I’ve tried everything thats been suggested and nothing works, and it is only WoW that fails’ - ergo WoW is the problem, whether if its being way too picky or putting restrictions on its own operation, its something that has happened recently to systems that have not changed. Its audacious that the blame is being passed to us when this is so obviously a snowballing problem.

TBH this is not a new problem, we have had THE exact problem with servers in 8.3 in BFA,
old thread from BFA problem :

Continuous Issue of being stuck on Loading Screens

the good thing back then was that blizz had the dignity to own up to their mistake and worked toward fixing it with all the information players gave them, but these new lazy blizzard CS don’t even bother answering these threads anymore, shame on you blizzard, shame.

i know thats the problem!
im not stucking on loading screens, i load it pretty much fine!
the problem is when i do load it i can play for like 3 sec and then i get disconnected.
(fyi a friend of mine said "u can fix it by logging into another character and logging back to the another.)

but it still sucks anyway. i got disconnected in the middle of my raids, mythics, arenas and all of those got wiped bcuz of me.