Continuous Lag Spikes

Hi guys

Im wondering if someone with a bit more technical knowhow could take a look at my WinMRT .txt export.

I’ve been experiencing like tiny little lag spikes continuously all afternoon and last night as well.



The first thing I’m seeing is that you’ve got upwards of 181ms latency just to your router. That alone would cause you to be feeling brief spikes of latency, and since you mentioned they’re tiny little ones, that’s likely the culprit.

Usually spikes between your system and router is down to either you’re running WiFi and there’s interference happening, or you’re on a Powerline adapter which is misbehaving. We always recommend a direct cable between your system and the router, so if possible I’d suggest testing that first. Failing that, if you are using a powerline system, try WiFi. It may be a little more stable.

Thanks for the reply.

I have previously had no issues with my wifi system at all and this issue has only started cropping up in recent weeks.

Any idea why this would have started to become an issue?

you’re experiencing what many are facing in this post,
I like the blue’s respond, as always ignoring the big elephant in the text which is getting 4600 ms from aka “” and despite the fact you got 724/724 sent and rec from all nodes except this one and the one bellow it (…
Like seriously what is going on with world of warcraft?! the other thread is about 200 posts ppl complaining non-stop about the same problem! its just not rocket science you know? your network partners in France and Netherlands are messed up big time, either call them to fix their crap or take a new route/path to your servers?!
If you wanna know more about the problem or help fixing it, join the other thread and post your tests result in there.

Just an update:

Tried this with an Ethernet cable directly to the router…

exactly the same issue