Controlled wolf form for druids

We can do it!
Wow npcs evolve over time, and Malfurion could find a way to this. Ralaar or someone else could have a way to a serene permanent bond to the Goldrinn gift.
That wouldn’t critically overlap worgen race.
Just the natural form of wolves, a more slender and peaceful one, and a cool quest deeply intertwined with such left behind wow niche.

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:< Feral Chainarmor-Form

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Worgen deserves werewolf types of forms for both feral and guardian.

Like a big chunky werewolf for tank, and a slimmer version for feral.

They could just play around with the werebear skeleton for a werewolf tank really.

And the old MOP Claws of Shirvallah skeleton for a feral werewolf! (maybe add a couple of pixels ^^ )


they already have wolflike forms

Should be Catform = Feral form…
Bear = Guardian form.

I want to a dog form damnit

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