Controls stop responding when I press 'o' on my keyboard

I’m running a pretty good pc (ryzen 7 3700X, 32GB ram and an RX 6900 XT. I don’t have that many addons installed but if I have very weird issue… Everytime I do some stuff on my second screen (browsing, video, or whatever) and go back ingame and press the ‘o’ button all my controls are frozen till I press the ‘o’ button again… help?

That sounds like some overlay has bound the o button to some kind of overlay function. You need to find that overlay and rebind that button (or remove it entirely)

Trovlak almost certainly on the right track here - the “usual suspects” in this case would be overlays from programs like Overwolf, Nahimic, and possibly Discord.

Thank you both! I think I have found the culprit… It probably was the NZXT CAM software which has an overlay you can trigger by clicking shift+o but that was bugging out I believe…
So I hope that the issue is resolved now :slight_smile: