Cool transmog for monks?

Hey guys,

Got my monk to lvl 60 rn and I need some cool looking tmogs! What tmogs do you guys recommend? Can be old tier sets aswell…


need a time machine for them

All mop and legion sets are cool imo. I really like mop s13 pvp set tyrannical gladiator’s ironskin armor and legion t21 mythic raid set chi’ji’s battlegear.

I’m the same guy btw, but I finally have a cool transmog for my monk :slight_smile:
the mythic rogue set from ToS and the shoulders and belt for dh (mythic nighthold)
the weapons could be better but it fits the fel green theme imo ^^

Looks really cool. Btw legion mage tower is coming back soon, and imo monk set looks great :slightly_smiling_face:

Sets are a bit too shiny and don’t fit much on monk :confused: if you can manage to find some light leather gear that don’t cover your entire body it would go way better, I like the way my Pandaren looks here for example, without being too “over the top”

Look at my transmog, now back at me… I’m on a horse :racehorse:

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My transmog is the peak for monk transmogs. It might look simple, but it’s efficient, strong, and everything you really need.

Look at mine