Coolest race for arms warrior?

Hi guys,

I’m thinking of tauren arms warrior. What race do you think is the coolest for arms?


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Do you even need to ask?

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Base orc female
Mag’har Orc male
Tauren would be great if the mace from the vanilla intro was available :frowning:

Go gnome or go home :wink:

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Make a shortlist then create trial characters of each race to check out their combat moves in game. One persons cool is another persons cringe. Look at the deluded Gnomes above for example.


Still they are useful for the sacrifice before the fight!

Orc so you can transmog as a burning blade samurai/blademaster.
Dwarf for Alliance because Dwarves are Nordic kings and they go well in hand with warrior culture/Odinistic religion. Just be a bearded viking.

Orc for horde, human for alliance (the human bodybuilder proportions come in handy for once).

For dwarves I prefer fury as it feels like I’m staying true to the WC3 mountain kings.

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