>Core< [A][EU] On Judgement! - We recruit now!

Hello there, Flamelash.
We search for a few players for our guild.
And several “casual” minded players to join our second team.

Reason for searching here is all the good players already taken at our competitors - on our realm & we don’t want to steal on our community server >Judgement<

Check our recruitment thread.

Wrong server mate…

Hi, Sry. But nope, I intend to write on this server forum, and maybe some wish to transfer for a more “normal pop” server :slight_smile:

The only Alliance left on this server are PVP honor farming tourists who will go back to their own servers when they get rank 14 and casual players who just log in for around 1 hour a week, you must be reaaaaaaaaaaaaally desperate if you have to come here to recruit. If your own server is “normal pop” then your guild must suck hard if you can’t recruit on your own server lol.

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I’m sorry to hear that.
How on earth should I know these details?
But thanks for bumping my thread.
And thanks for your kind words.
Can’t argue your right in all you said - Have a good evening.

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