Core Hound Family Abilities Obsidian Skin & Molten Hide missing?

According to Petopia (and a loooot of Googling) I am fairly convinced that Core Hounds should come with the “Obsidian Skin” and “Molten Hide” abilities (amongst others). However, upon taming “Gomegaz” (the Yellow Core Hound in Blasted Lands) @ level 15, it doesn’t seem to have those abilities (can’t see them in the Spell Book), nor does it seem to use any of them in any trial fight scenario that I’ve put it through.

And I have Googled my *ss off about it, but I can’t find any certain conditions for those two abilities to become available. Maybe I have to reach a certain level for those abilities to activate (even though it doesn’t say so ANYWHERE)?? If someone could shed some light on this, I would be very grateful!

Odd Molten Hide requires level 28 and Obsidian skin is a level 14 ability
Well i went and tamed it at max level just now and it does have the abilities.
remember to log out and in again incase it is not there because it thinks the pet is too low level or something like that.

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