Coren Direbrew is bugged

Coren Direbrew is bugged and works only if the dungeon difficulty is set to Normal. Be sure you are not in a Raid group or the Dungeon is not set to HC. Otherwise returning the daily dungeon quest won’t start the event and the kill will be lost.


Are you sure that´s the problem? I went with 4 characters, and we always had some problems. Like we got 3/5 tries or so. For one guy it was working and for other dont.

7 out of 11 attempted summons worked… SMALL INDIE COMPANY!!

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Yea activation quest is bugged as hell. Had 7 out of 10 work for me on 2 chars.

I got 14/20 after midnight. And 0/5 today :smiley: So I am waiting now if they do something about it.

Been there with 4 toons, always bugs out after 2 or 3 kills.

It seems the problem is bigger. Because even set on Normal it buggs :frowning:

We had normal BRD, non raid and my 1st turn in on warlock for today - aaaand nothing happened. Quest complete / Coren inactive. Another dude done same in few minutes and it worked.

Also ilvl wasn’t buffed up?

It was never meant as a current item thing. It was more for new players when it comes to the items.

Oof, not only is he dropping 200ilvl irrelevant items now, there’s a high chance the boss doesn’t even start after turning in the daily. This isn’t even small indie company thing this is just sad, this even has been out for over a decade and a half and they manage to screw it up. I was at least hoping for 232 ilvl or even 245 since we’re heading into p4 but nope, 200ilvl lul, not even my low levels would need them, since they’ll just jump straight to 213+ even before hitting 80.

Welp now I feel like an idiot for accusing the guy it didn’t trigger for of saving his cd for another group. Should have expected a smol indy multi-dollar company screwed something up again.


Back to raid logging until ICC releases I guess.

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Same happened to me 7/20 attempts over 4 toons as of today. There doesn’t seem to be a set chance though, on one of my toons, we were able to kill him 4 times, wheras on my other toons this number went as down as 2/5.

I kinda wonder which part of the code they actually broke, because it was working just fine a year ago. Why did they have to mess up with his code? Perhaps its because of some RDF implemention error? I dont reall know.

Oh damn, you’re telling me I missed Pirates’ Day again?


Turns out that Questie auto-completing the quest bugs it out too. Yesterday out of 10 quest turn ins 2 failed because we had questie auto-complete feature turned on. The others who had it turned it off and it worked perfectly.

We noticed as well that hand ins tended to fail when Coren was standing still and talking to him while he was moving seemed to be successful for us. The issue is that sometimes he stands still for a good 3/4 minutes. Not world ending material but annoying when you want to do it on multiple chars.

I questie auto-completed mine 2 times with no problems. Not saying you are wrong, but clearly it is not the only source of the bug.

I just did it today normally and got all 5 quests so there’s a chance this may be fixed already.

Yeah, coincidentally I got all 5 today at 12:00 also.