Corruption Effects Adjustments Incoming

just got a mechagon ring with avoidance corruption R3 - what a FUN system -.-


corruption is the reason why i unsubbed, 10 days and my gametime is gone… how can you be fine to corruptions doing 1st-2nd source of damage in A LOT of cases? Its just disgusting to have such power gained trough RNG! You cant work to get what you want, AND you may get it from WQ instead from that m+15 you just cleared! WHAT THE FK BLIZZ! the whole expansion had so much potential wasted… hope you will change your way to work with shadowlands…


Perhaps you could also take a look at increasing your servers ability to handle more than 10 people in the same zone, bunch of jokers, tuning mid wf race lol nice one /golfclap

The timing of this stinks. While I do think that it’s a good thing that they’re trying to balance the different corruption effects (even if I personally am not a fan of the entire corruption system), bringing in this nerf “at some point in the next 24 hours” during mythic progression absolutely sucks. Sure, don’t bring in a nerf while NA guilds are re-clearing after the reset, but bring it in time to screw over EU and Asia guilds? I’m not one for conspiracy theories and screams of bias, but this stinks suspiciously. Not impressed.

Great news… finaly, i dont realy like passive dmg effects, like echoing void. My class is more fun to play with more secondary stats, it feels realy weird with echoing void and stuff like that and to be honnest its pretty noobish when passive ability does 20% off your total dps… unbalanced passive like this also forcing us to stack up versatility, which is also most boring secondary in the game…

While I do agree that some of those effect are too strong, I don’t really agree with your timing.

The power of EV was well known till ptr, you should have made the “significant” nerf asap, THEN buff it the week later if the nerf was too hard.

Nerfing things super hard after few week is a D move.


Blizzard… fail after fail… thinking what fail will tomorrow bring…

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Risitas balancing team strikes back.

imagine farming those corruptions for 3 weeks and now they being turned into garbage and you have to farm new ones :joy:

this way you will never "run out of content to do " :joy:


Yes, lets nerf echoing void significantly but just consider nerfing twilight devastation.

I’m actually starting to be tired of WoW


This will either make the outliers too weak to be worth caring for, or it will still leave them as much better than the niche effects. This is Legion legendaries all over again.

This entire system needs a rework at this point.

Im angry at this. Pls put me in the taliesin and evitel sh*tshow section.


I am happy they are going to try to balance it a bit. 20% passive damage for just 1 corruptiontype is not good design. It is only that they knew it already before patch release… So it is a slight :man_facepalming:

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By ‘effectiveness’ you mean damage or proc chance?

Incredibly enough yesterday night I did an Atal +10 with a Demon Hunter.
At the end of the dungeon I check his overall damage, Echoing Void was his top damage ability, a random damage effect that came from an Heroic Dungeon (I asked him how much Echoing Void pieces he had, corruption levels and where did he got them).

We started to talk and he asked me if I thought they would ‘fix’ it, I reply “Yes, but not like Infinite Starts”.

I don’t usually say this but I like the nerf.

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I want corrupted gear get deleted not a nerf. Even in boe market atm , that rng is f’ng up people. Farming hc trash for days and i’m basically get pretty much disappointed whenever i get master/leech/void ritual and even some basic stat procs. Because prices range from 50k to 3m… Btw you get like boe every 4-5 hours.

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totally this.

I feel these are necessary changes, though the timing is poor. The feedback was already available during PTR testing and should have caught in sims even internally. But still, better late than leaving things in a poorly balanced state.

You could and should also look into the loottable for mistweaver monks, I get DPS corruption effects on weapons, now have 2 460 staffs with dps procs.

Is this lazy design to adjust the effects for healers, a bug or do you want me to fistweave more? With 3 roles in the game it should be entirely possible to do this right.

I very rarely post but this is fast becoming more and more frustrating. At the moment the corruption lottery feels very much like the design with early legendaries in Legion where you’re great if you’ve got them but feel awful if you don’t. Add to that the constant changing of values and its impossible to know what to equip today let alone what to equip tomorrow! As an example I cleansed and item today that I now think tomorrow (when the hotfix is applied) I would want. There is no way to undo this without a ticket which I assume will be rejected as the item restoration service doesn’t cover this.

I understand there are balancing things for the mythic world first race but frankly 99.99% of the player base don’t care about that. So can I make the below suggestions to the system which I feel could be applied:

  1. Increase the amount of corrupted items. Let us get almost every item corrupted and decide what is best. Increasing the rate and frequency we acquire these mean that the changes impact people less. Maybe a higher chance with more difficult content?

  2. Unless something is truly broken, only buff items. People just react better to buffs then nerfs. This would lead to more “I wish I hadn’t cleansed that” but the first point would help here.

  3. If then damage goes out of control, buff boss health in increments. I know this is very much a sticking plaster and its not fun to have 1 boss be easy week 1 and harder week 2 but that feels like the lesser evil here.

  4. Let the effects proc off everything. Let heals proc damage corruptions and where it needs a target, use smart targeting maybe based off the threat meter or something like that when in combat.

All told, the corruption system is good and fun. Its a far better idea then war/titanforging in my opinion due to the variety you just need to let it off the leash a little more so people can play with it :slight_smile:


Sadly its far worse than in Legion. In Legion BIS legendary gave to most classes only 5-6% dps boost. While some of the worse gave maybe 2-3%. Corruption effects can add up to 15-20% dps. In Legion raids weren’t designed around having that slight boost while Ny’alotha mythic fights are clearly designed around them. In legion only your ego was hurt if you didn’t get bis legendary. Now its your raid team who is hurt.

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