Is there no effects for healers at all on it?


Like healing increases etc as far i know anyone can uses these items.

(Chocoh) #3

Your spells and abilities have a chance to grant you a Flash of Clarity, reducing the cooldown of your next 3 spells cast by 2 sec.

And the other 4 that include +haste/crit/vers/mastery.


But that is useless when you don’t really have any CD spells or when the CD is over 1 minute on it.


Idk the CD one seems really good for Holy Pally its just even more holy shocks for the glimmer build, and tbh I sometimes really dont mind 3 second less cd on my dispells.


Holy priests don’t really have any short CD healing spells, it’s long or no CD.

(Bigkeg) #7

They changed the spell damage one to include healing and the custom weapon corruptions can also show up o other items. Stats modifiers would likely be most common as likely there is always is a stat given healer spec will need in any amount.