<Cosmic Fire> Newly formed guild now recruiting!


Cosmic Fire is a newly formed guild aiming to become a semi-hardcore raiding guild.

We have already have the beginnings of a strong team, we are looking to expand and currently are recruiting Healers and Dps to join our roster!

Many of us are ex-mythic raider and looking to push raiding as far as we can on a two night basis.

What we can offer you:

  • The chance to join and help create a solid team early.
  • Weekly M+ guild runs with experienced players.
  • Potential weekend fun alt runs.
  • Relaxed raiding enviroment with the chance to learn and grow
  • Bants in the Pants (the gm told me to list it)

We are not a strict raiding guild but we do plan on making progression at a steady pace, we do expect you to turn up to raids if you wish to trial for us that being said life happens and you wont be penalised if you can’t attend within reasonable circumstances.

Raid nights:

Wednesday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST
Monday 20:00 ST - 23:00 ST

If you wish to know more contact the following battletags:

Or simply Visit our website and apply and we will contact you!

Cosmicfire .co .uk

Still Currently recruiting specific dps and a healer!

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We are still recruiting a DPS & Healer!!! Send us a whisper to start your journey to a chilled out, fun and driven guild…

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Hey there,

I just submitted an application on your site, not exactly what you are looking for classwise but perhaps we can work something out.

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still currently recruiting in need of healers!

& Boomskins

Still recruiting healers and DPS.
Boomkins where you at?

Currently Still recruiting a Hpala or Hpriest, also recruiting specific dps particularly Ranged, check the website for more info

Cosmicfire .Co.Uk

Come join us rightttt niow.

It will be fun, you will love it, you will love us… you’ll probably get a mystery gift from the universe or something. Overall it will be 10/10 great.

We’d love a Holy Paladin or Holy Priest healer. Also we love range dps, so you come join too :slight_smile:

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