Cosmic flux not being account wide

Classic proved you wrong so.

How many active players does Classic have these days? Or The Burning Crusade Classic, as for that matter? Or even Season of Mastery?


Ask blizz. But from my experience leveling up on tbc these days i meet more players in classic zones than i do in entire Shadowlands while sharded with mutiple realms. So for what? 17y old game with no new content update thats actualy pretty good. Specialy when you consider that people mostly quited due to how fast they run out of content not becouse game desing.

The population in TBC experienced a sharp decline, and they haven’t even gotten to Isle of Quel’danas and Sunwell yet. So I wouldn’t say most people quit because they ran out of content. It’s simply that the content provided there is inferior to today’s standard.


No it really isnt on sharp decline.

Are you sure about that?

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stop being a bully


All of my wats.

Other mmos I’ve played has full trading between characters. I could literally buy the best items in the whole game if I had enough currency for it and then trade it to a lvl 1 alt if I wanted to.

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Then go play those supost mmo games.

Yes i am sure.

Well, statistics and that thread are against you, my friend. But you may browse the TBC Classic forum for more similar threads. :slight_smile:


What statistics?

[WoW TBC Classic Server population (](


THAT’S WHAT YOU SAID. I told you that there are mmos out there that allows full trading between characters and you go “HURDIHURR, GO PLAY THAT GAME THEN”.

Like, do you even think about what you type?

320k? Lol thats actualy lot. Last wow leak reported around 400k subs for retail so yes this is actualy pretty good number for such old game.

And i am telling that it is terrible desing what do not belongs into mmo game. And thats my point. If it so good why those mmos are not on top of the ladder.

Try English because that really can’t be understood.

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Then issue is in your side.

I mean, those MMOs are still quite successful and popular. You don’t have to be at the top to be good.

But nowhere near where they could be if they would desing mmorpgs to be mmorpgs.