Cosmic flux not being account wide

Like why??? What’s the reason this thing is not account wide? So I have to spend few hours farming ZM on every single alt I want to play to be able to have 2 legos. I’m sitting at 25k+ on my main with nothing to spend it on. No reason at all for it not to be account wide.


I feel your pain… I did watch one of Kelani YouTube’s and he showed you can spend at the guy in ZM by the inn to get more mats ( soul ash/cinders) to avoid Torghast as long as honoured and also said don’t use them all as there is something coming out soon that there you can spend

Hope this helps :+1:

It’d be quite a nice change if they’d make all currencies account-wide. Especially the Sandsworn Relics.


You play character not account. If you just want swap chars and do some dungeons go play arpgs or moba games. This desing do not belongs into mmo game.

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I respect your opinion, friend, but other MMOs would disagree.


Than go play those other mmos. Oh wait they are barely played and most of them you can hardly call mmos anymore.

I am playing Elder Scrolls Online and Guild Wars 2. But I like WoW as well, and playing other MMOs showed me just how primitive and archaic WoW’s design is in many things. WoW may be one of the best MMOs, but that doesn’t mean it’s flawless, and it doesn’t mean that it can’t see what works in other MMOs and try to adopt it and improve upon it.

I play WoW because of my friends, the world and the races. WoW has the best racial diversity in the genre, which is great. :slight_smile:


Destroying core aspects of mmorpg genre isnt improving a game. There are things what makes mmorpg mmorpg. And accwide progression is not one of them. It ruins player and charactet identity.

MMOs aren’t a static thing. They can evolve, and WoW certain has evolved as well over the years. But it’s not enough. We aren’t in 2000s when MMOs were a shiny new thing and gaming was limited to a small bunch of nerds who’d no-life it all day long.

Yes, those things are:

  1. Character
  2. Class
  3. Professions
  4. PvE
  5. PvP
  6. Open Word
  7. Roleplay

I suppose we shall have to agree to disagree here. I don’t think it ruins the character identity at all. :slight_smile:

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No wow regresed. It turnt into something what have no identity anymore. We still call it mmorpg but it has hardly any aspects of it anymore.

As i said. You are not mmorpg player. You just pretend to be one as what you really want is to play completly different game.

No one would play WoW if it had stayed the same as it was in 2005.

And, pray tell, what would that game be?


Classic proved you wrong so.

How many active players does Classic have these days? Or The Burning Crusade Classic, as for that matter? Or even Season of Mastery?


Ask blizz. But from my experience leveling up on tbc these days i meet more players in classic zones than i do in entire Shadowlands while sharded with mutiple realms. So for what? 17y old game with no new content update thats actualy pretty good. Specialy when you consider that people mostly quited due to how fast they run out of content not becouse game desing.

The population in TBC experienced a sharp decline, and they haven’t even gotten to Isle of Quel’danas and Sunwell yet. So I wouldn’t say most people quit because they ran out of content. It’s simply that the content provided there is inferior to today’s standard.


No it really isnt on sharp decline.

Are you sure about that?

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stop being a bully