Cosmic Forces: Why is disorder on the side of the chart with light?


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Long time wow player and lover of the lore, even with the changes and retcons at times the development of the wow universe and ongoing story tends to be what keeps me playing now more than gear grinding.

I have and read all three chronicles as well as spend much time reading lore articles and theories and have recently revisited the cosmic forces map that appeared in chronicles 1. I have just noticed that the area of disorder is actually linked to the top of the chart, where the light is present, and order and the titans appear on the void side. Can anyone explain why this is seeing as I have always thought that the titans, although arcane, are inherently linked to the idea of the light and order, where the void seeks a more disorderly universe. Or is it that the void just seeks its own order?

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I believe it’s because of the elemental connections (the smaller circles between each major force) and not that the major forces are connected. They are laid out the way they are merely to show you what the opposing force is.


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The Void seeks the end of the material Universe, yes, i think, the void seeks its own order :wink:

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