Covenant renown, transmog and other cosmetics

Hello! I wanted to have a clearer view on how it works. Once I reach renown 80 on my character with Kyrian, I’m free to use the Kyrian stuff on all my characters. If I switch to another covenant, do I get boosted to 80 renown instantly? That means if I had mounts or other cosmetics tied, for instance, to Necrolords I would unlock them account wide without using an old character just by changing covenant?

Also how does it work with different armor types? Yes, I may unlock plate kyrian for all plate classes, but what about leather? Will it get the same treatment?

Thank you in advance to anyone helping me clarify this thing.

No, but once you max one covenant at least once you can buy a renown 60 boost (costs 500 gold) from the vendor near the flight point in Oribos to speed up the process on other characters/covenants.

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I see, thank you! I’m already at renown 51 by just doing some quests, it’s soooo fast!

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