Crafters Mark III?

Hi guys how it is with Crafters mark III for LW? Is it true that u need to revered with Awoved or something like that?

WIll that NPC called Archivist give me that recipe ? I know that Crafters Mark II is from Venari in MAW and having Cordial rep with 300 Stygnia.
BTW how it is with alchemy does even Crafters Mark 2 give some boost? Like creating multiple flasks or reduced herbs like i need less herbs to create flask?
I guess Mark IV is not out yet right
Thanks for any info!!!

As far as I am aware, Crafters Mark III isn’t on live either.

So those what to do guides are not right? because i dont have Avowed rep or what is it…even on my main i dont have it. So any conclusion how will be obtainable Mark III? I thought because i saw 168ilvl LW items on AH selling but then i saw 176 so i thought MARK III give 176ilvl blue items to craft so how can i earn to craft those 176 i will get through Mark II?

CM3 is not live. In beta it was associated with Avowed, but was removed.

There was so much potential with the optional reagent system. Pretty much only crafters marks and missives is left. So many optional reagents in the proffessions was removed.

OK and how works mark2 will it boost cratfting legendaries like Reducing mats? that would be usefull.

Think you might be mistaken about how the crafters marks works. They have nothing to do with legendaries. They are for making catchup gear for alts, think of them as an optional reagent for gear.

CM 2 sets crafted gear to ilvl 168.

Ok thanks for answer and it will reduce mats for basic items like green bows etc?and CM3 is out??because i saw 176ilvl gear on AH so i guess thats from CM3? And where and how to get it? I guess CM4 is the final one

Nothing reduces mats, the only thing the Crafter’s Mark 2 does is to raise ilvl of a crafted item to 168. And CM3 is not out.
And the Novice Crafter’s Mark reduces ilvl to 87 and making it useable at 50.

so from where these guys had those 176ilvl? i guess its world drop or those tokens from revendreth i think. What reduces? Novice?Novice is mark that is before Mark I that sucks. So when CM3 will be out? and does someone know what it will require?

Noone knows when it might appear.
And CM3 is still not live, I think you are mixing up crafted items with looted items.

In beta it needed Avowed rep, but since got removed. Which I can confirm, having exalted with Avowed, and they have -no- crafters mark III. And I do have revered with Ve’nari as well, so I can buy crafters mark II. Some had speculated it only might appear when you could make crafters mark II, which is definitely false.

And novice crafters marks have their use. Allowing you to craft lower ilvl versions to be able to give it to alts.

Yea i think Mark II is for Venari Cordial rep which is =revered right?

yes, cordial rep.

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