Create Auction macro Dragonflight

Create Auction macro Dragonflight?
I have tried all previous macros and can’t get anything working. At best nothing happens at worst it bugs the ah and gets stuck in searching mode!

/click AuctionHouseFrame.CommoditiesSellFrame.PostButton

/run AuctionHouseFrame.CommoditiesSellFrame.PostButton:Click()
which is the same as
/run AuctionHouseFrame.CommoditiesSellFrame:PostItem()

/run AuctionHouseFrame.ItemSellFrame.PostButton:Click()

Tried the strong text

Tried ‘fstack for key bind but just got error message
Plus more…

Please help…

You would be much better moving your topic to the Macro and UI forum. Elvanbane there is very knowlegable on the Blizzard UI and i’m sure they will help you with this if they can.

I think you can move your post by clicking the edit (pencil) icon.

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