Creative Restoration Shaman "Professions"

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I was wondering if someone who’s experienced with the lore and RP could give me some inspiration to what “professions” would be suitable for a restoration shaman. Now, I’m not talking about herbalism or similar. More of RP professions or titles. A while ago I saw someone RP as a psychiatrist/psychologist (I don’t remember), you could be a medic, a fortune teller that collects Darkmoon cards and so forth.

So my question is what would make sense for my Draenei restoration shaman?

I’d also like some advice on how to RP one in general. I already know the overall lore backround, as well as the one I made up for her, so I’m more looking for things like what they would do or not do, how they would interact in a group with other people etc.

Thanks in advance! :ocean:

I went with mining & jewelcrafting, since that feels sort of elemental to me; harvesting minerals from the world, and using it to empower myself and my allies.

Although I’m sure it is possible to come up with an explanation to make any profession suitable :slightly_smiling_face:

You could, for example, go with first aid… Perhaps a shaman who makes bandages imbued with healing properties (since bandages in-game actually do heal…).

Or a blacksmith who imbues his work with elemental defensive or offensive qualities…

(Same works with leatherworking and tailoring.)

Enchanting could be imbuing a wider range of items with elemental power.

That sort of fits for engineering as well; improving gadgets & thingamajigs with elemental power. Explosives, for example, are literally elemental power unleashed.

Considering the Draenei’s faith and their connection with the Light, maybe inscription? Empowering allies with written words… (Or perhaps these scrolls are agreements with elementals? ‘For X minutes, I will empower the person who envokes this scroll.’

Alchemy offers some techniques for turning a material into something else, which I imagine is quite interesting from an elemental perspective

As for do’s and don’t’s, I refer to YouTube and “How RP shaman” :slightly_smiling_face: I find those very helpful, but there are probably text guides on the internet, as well.

From what I’ve gathered, a shaman needs to be on good terms with the elements, so maybe spend some time performing shamanistic rituals or… doing things for the element(al)s? :man_shrugging: (I see no problem with the shaman character doing this in their off-screen time :wink:)

Apparently, it is possible to force the element(al)s to help, but it’s considered evil by the ‘good’ shaman - and by the elementals, so maybe don’t go down that road unless you want to RP an evil, persecuted shaman :grinning:

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Thank you for taking the time to answer and for the inspiration. I do mean more out of the box “professions”/labels/titles though, that aren’t already in the game.

For example if I play a Pandaren monk, I may RP him as someone who now lives at a farm with his family. He would then be “Farmer Xuan”. Or an outlaw rogue may have burned all his bridges and now lives as a drifter/vagrant. He is “Vagrant Jack Smith” or something.

Following that theme, what would be fit for a Dranei resto shaman?

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