Cross-realm Groups Can Now Queue for Arenas and Battlegrounds

With a configuration change that is now live, we’ve made it possible for cross-realm groups of players to queue together for Arenas and Battlegrounds.

For more information on how to create a cross-realm party, see our Support Article here.

Good luck out there!


But where’s the cross-realm Dungeon finder? the group finder is dead after 22:00 pls fix


Thank you!

there is a discord up for it.

Biggest discord for cross realm PVP EU


You forgot to add cross realm communication …


Thanks, good change. Can we get racechange now??


this is a joke

Why do you think so?

Just make the RDF already with cross-realm matching and communication. Not having RDF is really killing the game!


Its not. Listening to rdf folks will kill the game, the rdf ppl are the ones doing a quick login for loot in raids to then go play among us and path of exile.

Isn’t it a Raid Log expansion? The one where the only obligation you have to is log in once or twice a week to complete your raid?

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yes it is well there hard mode after uldaur just hc mode noting else beyond thet

it is whatever you want it to be expansion. Stop forcing your ways.

Then enlighten me why did WotLK Garner that reputation at all? Outside of maybe achievement hunting you really can’t do much meaningful stuff in WotLK. Dailies only net you gold which doesn’t mean much unless you’re raiding and need to buy consumables/enchants/BoEs. Crafting is inherently tied to Raid progression as that’s the main source of recipes after initial batch and for the decent portion seems to be primary HR target alongside Legendary Fragments and Materials. And thanks to bots farming stuff is the exercise in futility.

Honestly at times I’m willing to give up as it seems that it’s simply impossible to catch up.

This change rings hollow without having embedded it into the existing LFG system.

Reliance on 3rd party software, such as Discord, or already knowing people with whom once can play (a luxury not all of us have) ain’t the best design.

Any update on xrealm LFG or at least xrealm group finder for PVP only?


I play Hogwarts Legacy now, because I don’t have the time to wait an hour to form a group before I get to start playing the game. (Or waiting for people to do lower level content while I quest my way through Vanilla and TBC(again) not knowing if the group will ever form).

So for myself and a couple of other people that like to enjoy the game through RDF, I feel this is a slap in the face.

Cause the argument has always been: “We’re not adding RDF for the community, to keep social with the people on your server and build those meaningful communities.”.

Why does this argument not apply to battlegrounds/arena?

To quote some anti-rdf: “This is not classic!” ??? :thinking:


How about RDF? Can be crossrealm or can be just one realm as some servers are mainly horde or alliance and for minority its hard to find a grp. Do you even think about it? I have no idea what was so wrong with RDF on wotlk that u didnt add it on the first place.