Cross-realm Mythic Vault of the Incarnates Begins 15 February

With the weekly reset in each region the week of February 15, we will enable cross-realm groups in Mythic difficulty Vault of the Incarnates.

This represents a shift in philosophy that has evolved over the last few raid tiers, where we’ve seen the pace at which the Hall of Fame filled up for both factions become unaligned with the timing that we would have chosen for players at large.

We will still maintain a Hall of Fame for this and future raids. To qualify for it in cross-realm groups, you must simply have at least 16 players from the same guild taking part in the raid.

With future raids, we’re looking into a more-scheduled approach for when cross-realm Mythic difficulty becomes available. We want to keep our options open for the timing to vary, since we yet don’t know the circumstances we might observe in the future, but we intend to provide further announcements like this one to give players time to reorganize.


should be open on day 1


Let’s just be honest for a second here : Hall of fame is a failure.

Please, just allow players to play the way they want instead of sticking with useless restrictions nobody ain’t askin’ for.


No reason not to have it from day 1, as well as to implement cross realm guilds.
Fragmenting the player base with realms is a technical necessity, not something that should dictate the direction of development for social systems.


Lets be honest, not even 100 guilds on each faction have done the mythic clear, game is dead and blizz need to do something to unlock earlier else they loose even more players .

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Only reason to not have this day 1 is the ‘because we need $$$ from realm transfers’ argument.

Kaivax what we really need in terms of Mythic raids is flexi mythic. Please discuss with the team about allowing let’s say 15-25man mythic raiding rather than strictly 20…

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