Cruel Choice of Realm Connection

So the realms are getting connected to Burning Legion which is a mainly Polish speaking server with most of the top 40 guilds there being Polish speaking ones.So we basically are gonna go from no active guilds that properly raid because of servers low pop to not being able to raid because of guilds being Polish speaking guilds.


Yes, this is a problem, are you sure though that burning legion is the realm you’re talking about? I know burning blade-drak’thul’s people talked a gibberish language, so could be you’re confusing burning blade with burning legion.

Nah i checked Burning Legion specificaly on WowProgress and ingame they talk Polish mostly.Tho sadly the realm offiicialy is English realm but its mostly Polish people playing (so i doubt Blizzard is really aware that its mostly Polish guilds and people)

Man I really feel for you. Like Esploratore I also thought Drak’Thul was the only unofficial non-English speaking realm (Czech I think), but I just checked wowprogress and indeed all the top 20 guilds are all Polish… But like with Aggra-Grim Batol and Burning Blade-Drak’thul Blizzard doesn’t monitor trade chat to check where the majority of the players from the realms are from…

And also @Willtron: interesting, so both those have languages I wouldn’t be able to understand and also stormreaver, finnish, but they have to do with their own server, if you connect them to more servers you will create language barriers and in general you won’t be able to find a server with the same language majority.

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