<Crypt Kickers> H- Nethergarde Keep, New/Social Guild

Crypt Kickers (H- Nethergarde Keep) Is recruiting more players to bolster its strength and numbers.

As the guild is still levelling this would be a great time to join and make friends with the other members.
You will find us a very friendly guild who are committed and confident in what we do and how we play.
We would prefer active social players, who are looking to gear and eventually raid as a team.

Our current aim is for evening & daytime dungeon runs spread throughout the week at the moment while we level and gear up.

Once we have enough players, we will plan to start 40man raids 2/3 times per week. (including daytime for daytime players, times to be discussed).

You can reply for more info and also /w Mooberry in game.

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