Cryptic - a far reach

Hey guys,

With classic being released, I was looking for players who used to play during Wotlk on Terokkar.

I was in the guild Cryptic, and I can remember some of the guild member names:
-GM Mandraks
-Officer Warloxx
And some other members like Prey and Dallyboy.

I also remember some other guilds like Unification and the Purple Bunnies of Doom. I would love to get in touch with some other ex-cryptic members, but since it has been almost 10 years I know it’s a bit of a reach. :slight_smile:

You may find the thread links in this classic topic useful.

Whilst I realize you are looking for WoTLK players, they may well have played in classic and be in that thread or watching it. There is a link for Alliance and Horde.

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