CS Lounge V ☕


G’morning all!

The old CS Lounge was getting rather lengthy, and the new forum launch is a good a time as any to restart the [Legendary] CS Lounge!

For anyone that is unfamiliar with the CS Lounge this is simply a place where the Customer Support regulars can come to chat and post anything off-topic so as not to derail existing threads.

So get comfy with a biscuit and a hot beverage of choice, and come say hi! :slight_smile:

(Shammoz) #2

It ain’t easy being green…

Wait… Something’s not quite right :frowning:

(Ananda) #3

PSA: Do not touch Shammoz’s wine cellar. The consequences of this could break the whole space time continuum thing.
Also your pic appears to be out of focus, Shammoz. Maybe you’ve already been in the cellar …

(Shammoz) #4

So I am no longer green and also badly lit? Will this day ever end???

Grabs Wine

(Ananda) #5

Ditto except my portrait is beautiful.

(Shammoz) #6

I’m green again at last!

Celebration Time

(Nyshae) #7

And you wonder why your picture is blurry.


and here was I thinking that fuzzyness was caused by my drinking.

(Shammoz) #9

It’s probably because I have not logged into that character in ages, it has not been my main for a very long time :slight_smile:

(Ananda) #10

You mean she’s slowly fading away and tomorrow she’ll be even more blurry?

(Pachimari) #11

Upgrade complete! Just doing some tests real quick

(Shammoz) #12


(Raz) #14

jumps inside in catform and takes place atop the fireplace This sis lovely, new home new lounge for us all to be. and 14th anniversary of WoW. where’s the booze?!!! pops a whiskeybarrel open

(Saneko) #15

I’ve arrived with a hearty amount of warm soup in these cold times!

(Tenteri) #16

I think coffee is the answer! Or cup of tea :slight_smile:


Coffee is always a good answer! :slight_smile: :coffee:!

(Tenteri) #18

That is why i’m drinking one now :stuck_out_tongue:

(Ananda) #19

Supping (actually nearly finished, which is sad) a Hazelnut Praline latte with cream & sprinkles on top.


I’m sorry, but for some reason I can’t create a new topic so I have to ask here.
I can’t pass authoriztion on the ru forum, just getting 422 http error ( 422 Unprocessable Entity), can only post here.

How can I fix that? Sorry for my engrish too.

(Shammoz) #21

Try logging out of the forum, then changing your bnet password on account management and logging back into the forum again.