C'thun beam delay


show us.

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loads of private servers have had to go through scuffed fake’d videos claiming all sorts of things, it’s why the standards for evidence are bit higher than you might be used to. a member of APES however has posted multiple videos showing that this is probably a bug, so please check your sources. It’s also highly possible the only reason those 2 videos are so delayed is because of lagspikes that are delaying the in-combat tick for a very long time, if you can see the videos posted earlier you can see that those members enter combat almost immediately following the first beam whereas your videos show they only enter combat well after they’ve travelled into the room with a weird stutter that happens when they do enter combat.

Upload 12th of April 2006.
Is this good enough for you or is it somebody from a private server with a time machine who uploaded this aswell?


Sadly we get to play a game that no one remembers. The majority stopped raiding a few months before TBC and are not aware of the changes that were made to trivialize the game so everyone could “enjoy” the content right at the end. Which will come as a disappointment for some. You will be able to clear everything in vanilla in p1 pre-bis/ZG-gear, easily. You wont need raid gear at all.

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you just proved my point lol, also should check who I’m replying too before you go off

I did some research and found this.

On August 26th 2006, a bug was discovered by Blizzard that made entering the C’thun’s room significantly harder than intended, as explained in this blue post from Tigole (Jeff Kaplan):

We’re in the process of investigating C’Thun’s behavior in Patch 1.12. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to fully fix the encounter without a new client build. We’re hoping to get a Patch 1.12.1 together in the next few weeks that will fix the problem.

In the meantime, we’re working on a Hotfix that will temporarily give players more time to enter his room without suffering extreme consequences. We hope to have this hotfix up soon.


(I can’t include links in my post but if you just google the quote you will find the blue post, it is archived on mmo-champion).

As explained in the same blue post, they instantly applied a fix that reduced the “range” of the beam when players entered the room. This is the version we have now in classic.

A couple of days after, on patch 1.12.1 (September 27th 2006), they implemented a “clean” fix of the original bug, and reverted the hotfix, making C’Thun work properly again (beam goes out as soon as someone peaks at the entrance).
Again, it is explained in the blue post:

A hotfix has been applied to all realms which should make entering C’Thun’s room more feasible.

In 1.12.1 a cleaner, better fix will be applied. But for the meantime, the encounter should be doable.

You can also see the few days/weeks that the hotfix was live (before patch 1.12.1) in action in some videos after August 26th 2006 and before September 27th, for example here:

TL;DR: It is consistent with the reference client…but the reference client is a snapshot of a hotfix that was patched in a matter of weeks, and is not a reflection of how the fight is supposed to happen in vanilla. This needs to be fixed ASAP.


I hope they fix it.

What’s next? the 4 horseman on nax running to desiognated position like in WotLK rather than randomly ?


+1 Pls Blizzard ; We want challenging content!

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You seem to be misunderstanding something here. What I am saying is not that Parlas videos are fake or wrong. I am saying they were earlier than the ones I posted. There was a stealth-nerf shortly before TBC release. All of the videos posted in this thread are legit. However, some of them were taken at a different date than others. The ones I posted were very very late into Vanilla, when Blizzard apparently applied a stealth hotfix.

I am not saying that the beam never was instant. It definitely was. There are more than enough videos to proof that, and they’re all taken early to mid 2006. The videos from LATE 2006 however, show a different behavior, which seems to prove the fact that there was a stealth-nerf.

See the post from Blntd above. And maybe YOU check your sources or think before you post next time.

But yes, this should be fixed. The hotfix was only there for a short amount of time and not how the fight was for the majority of classic.

This should be added to the OP


it´s not like the beam damage doubles with each jump or anything

Upvote this boys <3

blizzard please correct your mistake :frowning:

from my opinion using 1.12.0 as a reference was a bad idea to begin with. it will be the same issue and many things will be nerfed with 2.4.3 when they attempt to do tbc.

Almost like basing Classic on the catchup patch right before TBC was a horrible idea and everyone with half a brain working was asking for patchwise progression.


Isn´t it ironic how Ion and the boys joked about releasing the impossible C’thun only to actually release the wet noodle C’thun?

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Seems like it got patched

A hotfix has been applied to all realms which should make entering C’Thun’s room more feasible.
In 1.12.1 a cleaner, better fix will be applied. But for the meantime, the encounter should be doable.

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I can 100% confirm that the second Video is legit from 1.12 Vanilla.

good job blizzard u forgot to nerf twin emp…

  • Watching AQ40 was such a disappointment. Fix this and stop making us hate your version of vanilla.