[Cultist-RP] Somewhere in a dark Stormwind cellar

“I am telling you… There’s something at work… Sources from the Wizard’s Sanctum are claiming that Leonir and Lady Ceanna visited Darnassus some three days ago… Now it seems like they’re preparing for a second visit. Leonir’s underlings are hard at work also: preparing, sending letters, whispering their secrets among themselves…” the hushed words are forwarded to a shady group of patrons, all seated around a dimly lit tavern table. They all exchange glances, contemplating on the vague report.

“Has he been told?” sounds a calm feminine voice. The original speaker looks away, as if in fear or shame. “No…” he mumbles in response. The woman delivers the fool an unyielding stare of judgement, before landing her hood over her head and departing out of sight beyond the candles’ grasp.

Was she ever really there?


A lone wanderer slowly travels along the unpaved road in duskwood, nervously humming to himself. “Why do i have to be the one to tell him… B(Word for female dog) making me do it… Every time i see him it feels like i am going to die in the most horrible way”

The air suddenly grew thicker, making it had to breathe.

An hulking mass of dark crimson armor can barely be seen through the mist.

“Aaiee! Darkmaster! I carry dire news!” He quickly drops to all four on the ground. “The wizards are travelling about! i think they are gathering allies!”

The hulking mass of armor raises his hand. Thick whispy tendrils shoot out from the hand.

Everything fades to black.

“Hah! huh?! im alive! ah… it happened again! Im alone? yes! im alone!”
The man gets up from the ground, scampering of into the dark.


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