Current Crafting Orders are a mess

Coming back from a short break it’s come to my realization Blizzard has allowed people to place Crafting Orders and not providing any reagents. This has caused the unfortunate side effect of people spamming Crafting Orders for expensive items, not proving any of the reagents, and placing a laughable commission. Think something like Chronocloth Reagent Bag and paying a 150 gold commission and not proving ANY of the reagents.

And before you say it placing them on ignore is only a temporary fix because eventually your ignore list maxes out and you can no longer place more.

It’s such an obvious oversight I don’t know why Blizzard ever allowed this feature to exist in the first place. Just return it to the old system or implement a system to filter out these scammers so we can see genuine orders.


That was not an oversight, they even explained why they added no-mats orders.

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