Current state of RP on Hydraxian

I was wondering how active the RP scene on HW is compared to for example retail (e.g. Argent Dawn).

Where are the most populated hubs and are they active?

Are there smaller hubs around / racial hubs and where?

Are the RP guilds struggling with members / activity?

These kind of things! I appreciate any responses.

Heya! And welcome!

First, maybe a sticky regarding such questions would be a good thing, and the positive news for you, friend, is that aside of established rpers being on the server, lots of new people have asked the same questions before, and recently. So that covers ‘yes, people are flocking to the server for rp every day’.

There’s most probably not as much and as visible rp as on Argent Dawn yet, which is owed to the server being young compared to AD which had years to establish itself.

On alliance side I know that Southshore is a hub (many rp guilds on the server are located in Lordaeron, such as the scarlet guilds, Southshore, the Frostwolf Legion, Tarren Mill etc), as is Stormwind (cathedral square?) and as is Ironforge (there’s an rp tavern there that I know of). Tarren Mill and Brill are also suggested for hubs from the forsaken players, and Orgrimmar has seen some rp from my guild and others so far. That should also answer the question about smaller/racial hubs, it’s really not ‘there’s that hub and everybody is there’, things are being established still.

I’ve not heard any rp guilds complain about membership numbers yet except for, pity, the guild Elwynn Forest having officially closed down recently. I know that my guild, the Frostwolf Legion, has had a steady influx of new members lately, can’t say much about other Horde guilds, but I’ve heard of several alliance guilds being well frequented. Some are smaller still and some are bigger already, again everything subjective and also the server is young and things are taking their time to develop and grow.

I’d say looking for rp on this server is a save bet, there’s rp everywhere, and rpers, but you have to look a bit closer to find them right now. During questing, in cities, flag profiles are a sure bet and otherwise just try rping and wait for responses. There’s been events organised yet, there’s regular taverns that opened up shop, etc. But we need to be patient about that grand vision of a lively server rp community, it’s in the making.


I’m not a high level so I can’t really comment outside of the beginning zones (real life and being an alt-aholic struggles) but are addons like TRP big on this server? I try to put as much as I can in to toss up the RP flag to others. I’ve seen some in the cities but I’m hoping for more night elf based RP (my server I was on up until Cataclysm had so much Darnassus city RP it was lovely)

(oops I didn’t select my classic character but I’m the same name here :v)

I’ve had a couple of people whisper me to ask why I don’t use TRP, seems it’s expected - I tend to walk everywhere, and get some random rp that way.

I think many people use either TRP3 or MyRolePlay 3, and I recommend you check out the guild The World Tree, an rp guild that is located mainly in Darnassus with its members playing Darnassus citizens

Wait, trp works on classic? I couldn’t find it on the twitch launcher.

There’s a classic version for it, so rather google something like Total RP 3 Wow Classic

search for “Total RP 3: Classic” :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot!

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I have to say, I am a bit disappointed about our chat channels. They are full of spam and not really a pool for some RP.

Maybe people on this server RP only with their guilds, but I was used to RP in channels also. Like when you look for groups or try to find a bargain in trade. It´s impossible to get anything going there.

When the server opened up, we had plenty RP there, but the ooc spam annoyed people and many I started with, have already quit. For me, RP is not about sitting at an Inn, its also about finding members for an adventure or a good trade, while using the personality of your character.

I miss the dwarf I met during my first steps, his group searches were always fun and in character.
Right now, all I see is “LFM cleave group” “20 devilsaur, no noob offers” and so on.

I’d stick to that if you enjoy it yourself, and be more poetic in your channel messages for your own enjoyment. I get complimented from time to time when I do that, and among other things I ended up in my guild because of group chat rp during questing. And there’s always the chance that a fellow rper is going to respond accordingly!

Huh, I never even considered being IC outside /s and /e. I do try to put some effort into my LFG/LFM messages, but that’s still me talking, not my character.

Wholeheartedly agree with Ze’tiki though. Be the change you want to see!

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I’m IC all the time. Started advertising my LW pieces with elaborate descriptions and endorsements in trade (not sure anyone notices though), and have started grouping by going to the quest area and asking people who have lfg’d in general if they are there for a reason, thus forming groups in say. The only way this server will become an RP server is if people RP, after all.


Roleplaying in trade chat?

What the hell is this nonsense

Eeeh, I can see the appeal. Like, nobody is expecting serious roleplay there (I think), but It’s a lot more fun to read a well written hustle than it is to see another boring “wts [item#1][item#2][item#3]” message.


What Raindancer said, and it makes it easier to recognize fellow rpers for sure.

I agree with raindancer. A.D used to have rp-advetisements such as “An alarmobot walks by, shouting…” or “A large flyer on a bulletin board can be seen…”. They were a nice change of pace instead for the regular guild advertisements you see today and stands out more from the rest, making me actually read them instead of just ignoring them like most others.


Yes, on Sporeggar comments in general like ‘You see a leaflet lying in the gutter. On further inspection …(insert rp event here)’ were quite common, and helped give a more immersive feel to the channels. Advertising wares in trade properly does the same, as does using say and not whisper. Not asking anybody else to do it, but no need to sneer is there, thought we were past the ‘my rp is better than yours’ faze.