CurseForge_Overwolf asking for money, is that allowed?

I spit on Overwolf!

/tar Overwolf


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Now do the same in Azshara in EP!

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unnerved staring

But I like it…

Oh I know… it’s hordebiased! :rofl:

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puny can you elaborte a bit pls?

the tos sounds like they can’t request any money on anything that enters the game - so long as it stays in windows (addon manager, ads on the site, etc) should be fine, however premium functions & resource packs should be off…

p.s. both dbm and wigs are crap

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They did. This is why they banned it in their developer ToS. Addons cannot be paid.

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You are free to not pay for things you know

Keep in mind that soon CurseForge will have more games added to it, it won’t be just for WoW. As far as WoW is concerned - all addons have to be free. It’s the ToS their developers have to access in order to be able to tap into Blizzard’s API. But other games don’t have these restrictions and personally I don’t care.

Paying money to receive a service or good is not a donation, it’s a purchase. A buy transaction.

Rule 1: Addons are free.

The end.

Overwolf - STOP. PLEASE. You’re not gonna make money on this. GG you played yourself. Bye.


Raidbots, you can sim your character using raidbots without paying anything for the service. You can also sign up to various subscription or patreon packages that will give you a faster queue and more iterations.

Raider IO is completely free and runs both a site and an in game addon. They offer various patreon packages to allow more updates at day and some extra banners for profiles.

Wowhead is free for everyone to use and supported by adverts, you can pay to remove the ads and have access to some extras.

Deadly Boss Mods addon is completely free but supporting on patreon will get you a few perks.

Basically the addons/sites are fully functional without any payment being required. People can opt in for extras but there is no requirement to do so.

How much do you want to bet that it’s not that they’re selling premium add-ons but they have premium features for their app and OP simply can’t read.

Some are so hell bent on making Overwolf out to be the next devil incarnate.

There is no charge for any addon on Curseforge for World of Warcraft. It works exactly the same as Twitch did.

Thats the case ye. You pay for not getting ads.

Not an addon.

Their datasets are free, and come included with the free addon.

However, offering to scan using the Blizzard API for money is a violation.

Not an addon. They datamine and run a website.

And every single one them have nothing to do with the addon itself.

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well, raidbots doesn’t use the api, but spell data available to the public (pictures are not a part of the api either)
rio doesn’t charge to use the api, but their own cpus

though both are gray and may be against tos, so er morally its fine. xd

wowhead seems off the rules with the bag scanner access, but it is wowhead and we know datamining is supposed to be f

dbm’s premium is on discord, not the add-on itself

This whole not an addon argument is pretty futile, an addon manager is not an addon either but they are exactly the same as wowhead or raid bots etc.

They are not violating any rules. All runs appears on the website the same for everyone, the database in game updates twice a day provding you run the updated data via an addon manager manager. If you want more updates to your addon in game then you pay.

An addon manager is indeed not an addon, however putting access to an addon behind a paywall is against Blizzard’s addon guidelines. Doesn’t matter how it happens - all WoW addons are fully free. You may not charge for access to download them.

This is not allowed. Making a program that downloads the data more frequently and puts it in is okay provided you don’t charge for access to the datasets if downloaded manually for instance. Paying for convenience is OK - paying for addon content is not OK.

Another example of OK was when Curse made the addon manager update all function paid only. You can still download them all and they’re free. No addon is behind the paywall. You’re paying for convenience only, not addon content.

Overwolf’s previous plans were also OK according to the rules. It’s just a move I really do not appreciate.

There is no paywall to access any addon or site, that is the point. Curseforge is completely free of charge to use as is wowhead, as is raidbots as is any addon or website related to wow.

Raider io are not doing anything wrong. You are incorrect. Nor is the wowaudit spreadsheet which works off the API. The number of updates you get for free are less than those if you pay patreon.

This is allowed, it is not against the rules you are wrong.

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