[cursor] conditional

I am working on a Feed Pet Macro.

This is what the macro is supposed to do:
When clicking the macro without modifier, the pet should get a Spotted Yellowtail. When clicking with alt pressed, it should cast Feed Pet without automatically selecting the pet food.

Obviously, the pet food should not be eaten by the hunter if the Feed Pet is not casted for whatever reason. I have seen others using [pet,nodead] as modifer to achieve this. However, if the hunter is seated, the spell will not go out and the fish will still go straight into his belly. Therefore, I chose to use the [curor] modifier to resolve this issue.

This is the macro as I tried to create it:

/cast Feed Pet
/use [cursor,nomod] Spotted Yellowtail
/stopspelltarget [cursor,nomod]

Feed Pet is casted whether or not a modifier is active. When no modifier is active, the Spotted Yellowtail is selected. If there still is a selection cursor at this point whithout a modifer being active, the selection cursor is deselected.

However, it does not work.

I went on to test the [cursor] conditional, and it seems like it does not work at all.

Did I missunderstand what this conditional is doing?
I have understood that when the selection cursor is active – the cursor features the blue framing – it is true and false if not.

Currently, I do not know if I am doing something wrong or if the game is doing something wrong.

Please enlighten me.


First off it’s @cursor not cursor, as in target=cursor (cast reticle spell at your cursor’s location).
Furthermore, that macro option doesn’t exist in Classic.

This should be all you need

/cast Feed Pet
/use [nomod,pet] Spotted Yellowtail

Thank you for your reply, Elvenbane.

I know that the @cursor modifier is doing something different, which is not of use for this macro, and I just learnt that it is not available for me as I am playing classic. – Thank you for that.

According to wow.gamepedia, the [cursor] conditional is true if

The mouse cursor is currently holding an item/ability/macro/etc.

However, I do not know if this is a reliable soure of informationen.

I interpreted this as I did state above. I know that this could also mean that it is true while I drag my items/abilities/macros/etc. but, as I could not think of a use of this, I did not consider this to be what it does. – I guess I should check this out though.

I think your suggestion would work well but making my hunter stand up is not perfect. If the hunter is drinking when this macro is used, the drink will be wasted.
(I am trying to make the macro smarter than me when I use it.)

Sorry for my bad formating.

Tested [cursor] with the following macro and it works as described:

/cast [cursor] Shadow Word: Pain; Vampiric Touch

If I pick up an item from my bags it changes to SWP otherwise it displays VT. However, having a glowing cursor does not trigger the condition.

You could add the [nomod,pet] to the stand command but that’s about it. To quote the pins from the US forums…

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Ok. Thank you for testing out the [cursor] conditional.
Still does not appear to be useful for me.

I actually had to laugh when I read (again) that macros cannot do smart decisions as I obtained my knowledge about macros from this site (among others).
However, macros can make logical “decisions” which can be very close to smart decisions if implemented into a smartly constructed macro.

Adding the [nomod,pet] condition to the /stand command will not really help to improve the functionality of the macro.
When the hunter is in the middle of a dungeon and needs to regenerate mana, I give him a nice drink. But when I realize just then that the pet needs to eat too, and I click the feed macro faster than I think, the drink will be wasted instead of the pet food, with this modifier, which is not an improvement from my point of view.

It seems like I have to adapt my demands instead of the macro.

Or can you maybe think of any other conditionals to check if the cast of the ability was succesful or to check if the hunter is sitting?

Nope. It’s not water’s expensive or anything though.

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