Cursor Size Problem

I’m having an issue when using DirectX12 with WoW whereby the cursor in the game is too large despite it being set to default or 32x32.

If i play the game in 1920x1080 resolution with DX11 then it is perfectly fine.

If i play the game in native 3840x2160 resolution with DX11 or DX12 then it is perfectly fine.

However, i am unable to play in the native resolution as i play the game on a TV (due to a didability issue) and other Windows applications become too small to see.

My Windows pointer size in the settings is set to the smallest setting and i’ve tried the SET uiScaleMultiplier “1” in the file along with the /console cursorSizePreferred 1 in-game but this does nothing.

However, one thing i have noticed is that if i am streaming the game over Discord, then other people see the mouse pointer as the correct (small) size. I can see this myself as well by looking at my own stream.

Does anyone have any ideas what is causing this?

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