Cutting Veg 4/8 Mythic recruiting (Horde)


Hey folks, Cutting Veg are a guild run by players who have been in Warcraft since the beginning in 2004. The officers have known each other for years and run the guild as a council. All members opinions ideas and input with regard to raiding will be taken on board. There is a flat hierarchy here, everyone who wants to join and be in the raid team is welcome so long as they are reliable, put as much effort in as the rest and are committed.
The majority of the guild are made of of Brits, Danes and Dutch, we speak English as a main language and our sense of humour is full of sarcasm and wit for the most part and the odd borderline statement!! Its the way we like it, its a game this is our leisure time and we want to have a laugh.
All classes will be considered.
We raid Wed/Thurs 21:00-23:00, two short two hour raids on weekdays due to peoples real life commitments, and Sunday 20:00-23:00 a longer 3 hour raid.
We expect members to bring their on potions, however flasks and feasts are provided by the guild.
In order to do that each week we ask for some form of donation towards these, be it herbs or feast mats, the herbs will also contribute to vantus runes. If you cannot provide either, gold works just as well. Contributions are small, but required to keep things going onr aid nights.

In our time outside of raids, our Discord is very active with members playing other games such as Destiny 2, League fo Legends, among others.

Contact us:

Eddiewizzard/Guerrila#2234 - GM
Seymour/Keris/Dankey#21943 - Council
Ormus - Ormus#2302 - Council
Deluria/Duntoya#2294 - Council
Ezbel - Huutu#2924 - Council

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