Cynical gearing system = dead PvP

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Little point in PvP really unless you are super casual 1 hour a day and don’t care about progression or you are top tier gladiator. So much easier to get free loot from PvE, titan residuum, benthic stuff etc, been like this for ages. Cynical af, clearly they don’t like the fact PvP is not time gated so they force PvP players to do PvE grinds instead. TBC/Wrath system was so much better, grind a little to get gear with its power based on your skill, both casual and rated were rewarding. Resilience system to keep PvE and PvP separate, not so crazy that you were useless in PvE just weaker, and a very good and geared PvE player could still beat a very bad PvPer with high resilience. Clearly they removed vendors because the grind for vendor gear was not time gated.


worst pvp exp evvvveeer; dis is pve expanytion not even gonna


cant agree more. ppl usualy dont have time to play arena after work because they need to do lots of pve stuff

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Did a similar topic on general discussions. Even PvErs and forum Mvps think the current gearing system is bad for PvPers.

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Funny when you talk to some pvers and theyre so cluelessly try to suggest its okay, like doing a +10 is as hard as 2100 or that they must pvp too despite arena players not caring for bgs either and that first week weapon only being 415.

Every weekly quest is literally useless. You cant even trade drops either like rings/trinkets


During vanilla, there was a time that was beloved by many many players. This time was when the PTR server was up and when you could still create template characters.

So many players would just completely stop playing on live when the PTR was up. And most of these players were just chaining alterac and WSG/AB.

Not worried a bit about “progression in pvp” or things like that.

Anyway, gear progression in pvp makes no sense, really.


I hate this neck/artifact/azerite gearing system constantly grinding forced to do dailys I want more abilities I want do do more damage less burst I want the GCD change reverted classic in a week can’t wait

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funny thing is, for some pve players, 2100 in 2s is actually just as easy because of class and 440+ ilvl. i‘ve seen so many „duelists“ from 2s who have never had arena achievements before.


exactly this…
I literally have 1-2h every day and I need to finish my pve chores to stay up to date with the ilvl spiral and then there is no left time to play pvp :\

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Interesting take. Though I don’t believe they intentionally gimp pvp systems. It’s more likely that they simply don’t really care about pvp.


I just want what we do to matter more than it does now I want more tools or buttons to press to do damage in PvP

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Yep, no trinket effects or PvE gear effects, less passives, less stupid CD, more active skills that matter.


Nah blizz is testing the changes on pvp gearing and pvp generally we are all test subjects

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