Daggers in Outlaw, Swords in Sin?


So I have been putting a little time into levelling a rogue up, and I have noticed something.

From what I can tell, all your outlaw abilities work if you have a 1h weapon equipped in your main hand, and all your assassin abilities work if you have a dagger equipped in your main hand.

But from my (admittedly casual) testing, neither spec cares about what’s in your offhand…

I see a lot of max level rogues complaining about weapon drops, but is there actually anything stopping you from just having 1h/dagger and swapping them around in your hands based on spec, other than potentially sub-optimal secondaries?


need 2 daggers to use mutilate
Everything else is true-1 heavy weapon is enough for outlaw, 1 dagger is enough for sub


As far as I know, ever since vanilla, combat did more damage with slow 1 handers, assassin requires both daggers for mutilate as mentioned above and youd prefer 2x daggers preferably fast one for sub aswell due to the passive ability that there is a change to get a combo point for auto attacks, thus more damage

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Outlaw can use a dagger in the offhand without any dps loss, mainhand is bad decision because you can’t use dispatch.

Subtetly can use 1h in the offhand, don’t know how impactful it is but i can.

Assasination requires two daggers.


Weapon damage does not affect gameplay anymore.
Every dagger is equally fast, the same goes for 1H.

There’s no more super slow or super fast weapons in the game, all of that has been regulated and pruned since TBC, and were completely removed in Cata I believe.

So… 2x daggers for Assa and Sub, and 2x 1H, or 1x dagger & 1x 1H for Outlaw.

So as long as you have 2 daggers and 1 one handed, you’re good to go with all speccs.

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