Dailies that aren't dailies

Sooo… what a disappointment Brewfest has become! The dailies that are available; once you’ve done them… you don’t get them again the next day. Why is this marked as a daily and not as a normal quest, than?
Same goes for the Darkmoon Fair, once you have done the “cooking daily” f.e. ; you can’t do it again untill the next fair.
To mark a normal quest as a daily is confusing, and brings forth a lot of frustration.
I know you want to timegate everything, but this is really over the top insane. There’s no way that one can get 200 marks for a pet or whatever at brewfest… so I’ll need to save up… and wait ANOTHER YEAR!!! :rage: :rage: :rage:
Oh yeah, wait… one could do “Brew for Brewfest”, that one is still a daily repeatable quest… but it gives only 2 marks for each keg delivery. Do you really think one has the time to get that one done 100 times in a row in order to get 200 marks? I’d also like to do other stuff than running around with a stupid ram that only provides me with 2 marks each ride.
Shame on you, Blizzard!
Please make the dailies daily again, or fix your quests!!!

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