Daily HC boss despawned before looting quest item

I just did Gundrak HC and the boss despawned before i could loot my quest item for the daily HC… Ticket wait time is TEN days, I guess i’m just out of my emblems? Would be nice if these items were mailed to you if you don’t loot them as we can’t contact GMs these days like we could back in original wrath…

One of the reasons I liked how they were added to the currency points tab :frowning:

Hi Aphexia,

I’m sorry to hear about this, I know how frustrating it is when things like this happens.

The article still needs to be updated for Wrath, but the general info still applies:

I realize you won’t be able to do it again due to the lockout, but I hope you can still catch up on your emblems soon enough and of course if you believe it was caused by a bug of some sort, do send a bug report!