Daily rant

I see a Devilsaur wandering through the crater. I engage it, fight it down to about 40% hp, a big boy tauren shaman tries to mess with me but a strong nelf huntard comes to my aid, killing the shaman, while I had willfully turned the giant against him using my Ice Block (the shaman would have died to the giant even without the hunter but hey, help is always appreciated).
I then fight the remaining HP of the Devilsaur until it dies. Yay my first Devilsaur!

Me: Ty
The huntard: nice steal wtf i was the one who killed the shaman
Me: Huh? I already had the devilsaur tagged, not him :thinking:
The huntard is ignoring you.

Just a reminder of how the lack of the social aspect in the game is not necessarily a bad thing. :slight_smile:


The hunter thought the devilsaur was initially tagged by the shaman, not by you.

Before judging someone and ranting on the forums, try to think from their PoV. At least that’s what adults do.

Classic is a singleplayer game thats why :slight_smile:

This is retro vanilla stupidity, part of da gäme, yo!

That’s what I did. I sent a detailed explaination to him, only to find out he already /ignored me for his assumptions, without having a clue of what actually happened, or bothering to get some first. Tell me once more about that adulthood please . :slight_smile: