Dark Iron is the best Rogue class. Change my mind


And I’ll tell you for why

Their racial Fireblood. It’s essentially a better version of Cloak of Shadows because it removes bleed effects.

So an Assassination Rogue or a Druid will never kill you again if they get the jump on you cause you can just pop that racial and Vanish and you’re gone

And best of all it doesn’t even share a CD with CoS so you can use them together

(Retierx) #2

fireblood is not as good as you’d think against assa because it shares a 30s cd with trinket and 9/10 times assa kills with kidney. you can’t trinket fireblood. it helps, but i’m not sure it’s more helpful than orc which i’d say is the best anti-rogue racial, with human relent being a second.

you also can’t do what you wrote. if an assa rogue kidney vendettas you and you sit the kidney and then fireblood vanish, you’re probably going to die. you’re really low and they can still see you. maybe it could work if you kidney to bait trinket and then blind and run, but that probably works better with trinketing the kidney than sitting and using fireblood.

(Jimbo) #3

Best is goblin. No one expects the rockets straight out from the juke city broooo!

(Vulrin) #4

Your racial puts trinket on a 30 sec CD. You use racial, you die in the next full kidney. Thats why its bad, I’ve closed games cause people greeded A little more DPS at the expense of trinket.

Realistically just play smorc, nelf, panda or human if you want good racials.

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