Dark portal to Outlands?

I just got my Zandalari to 60 and want to level in Hellfire Peninsula, so I’ve accepted the quest to go there and talked to the Thrallmar mage in the Org portal room but it wont let my go through the dark portal. When I run into it I just go through the other side of it…

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Exact same issue here. It seems in 8.1.5 the functionality of the DP is broken, as the quest text from the Warchief’s command is updated to tell you how to get there and to walk through the portal, but actually stepping through the portal does nothing.

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If you are level 60 and you have flying you can always use Zeppelin to Grom’ Gol in Norhern Stranglethorn, then fly to Blasted Lands.

The problem isn’t getting to blasted lands, the problem is that the dark portal no longer works :frowning: theres no way to get to hellfire unless you port to shattrath and fly/walk.

Submit a ticket in-game because Blizz employees are always saying that (“We on forums are not able to solve bugs in-game, please report bug via in-game tool”)

Hey everyone,

Thanks for bringing this up, the Dark Portal that takes you to Outland seems to currently be out of commission - possible upgrades maybe? :stuck_out_tongue:

You can have a friendly Mage port you to Shattrath, or use the portals from Orgrimmar/Stormwind (again towards Shattrath), to travel to the Outland regions!

It’s interesting though why something lesser like portal is taking blizzard that much time to fix? Everything is going too slow in this game, fixes, patches, flying while gametime flows.

There is still a portal in Undercity to Hellfire Peninsula - I use it as about the quickest way to Deadwind Pass after the portal reshuffle - Deathgate - Dala - Org - Fly to Zeppelin landing to port to UC - Hellfire - Dark Portal to Blasted Lands and Fly.

But it should work for you at level 60 to get to the Outland starter zone?

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