Darkmoon Faire missing from the calendar


Just checking to make sure this isn’t only me having the problem.
When I look in the calendar, it seems like Darkmoon Faire is missing from september and going forward.

Is it also missing for the rest of you?


Yeah, same here. Noticed it a week or so ago. Checked with guildies and it’s not in their calendars either. I submitted a bug report about it a few days ago.


You’re not the only one.


Good to hear - hopefully Blizzard will fix it within the next 1½ week :slight_smile:



Thank you for reporting the bugs you find, and helping the developers improve the game for us all. This is not the right place to report bugs though, post any bugs you find through the in-game Help menu.

From the Game Menu, click Help and Submit Bug. Follow the guide lines listed, to write up your bug report in details and help out the teams investigating your bug.

Have a few seconds to spare? Let me know how I’m doing!


I have submitted it that way already :slight_smile:
Posting here thought was more about asking if I’m the only one with the problem :slight_smile:

(Shammoz) #7

This happened at the same time last year. Apparently the developers are already aware of it.

(Helaren) #8

Cheers for the info.
I saw today that the entries were missing and wondered.


Still missing after they had their weekly patching.

Looks like Darkmoon Faire will be canceled next month :frowning:
Ohh well, it was fun while it lasted.

EDIT: Now it is back in the calendar, but it starts on the 2nd sunday (september 8th) …