Darkmoon Faire, Monthly quests bugged

At the start of this DMF, i can no longer turn in repeatable quests. Says your character has allready completed this quest, and they normally reset once per DMF. Im talking about the Banner of the Fallen, Imbued Crystal and so on.
The profession quests doesnt show up either. Only the normal blue daily quests.
Anyone got similar issue?


yeah have the same problem here no profession quests cant turn in the books saying i already completed it and so on. ;( hope they fix this soon


There’s a blue post in the general forum saying it’s because DMF is early this month so it should reset tomorrow (1st Feb)

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Thank you!

Yes, having exactly the same thing here. Seems odd that DMF starts today rather than in a week, so perhaps some anomalies are to be anticipated. I wonder why they started it early this month? Strangely, according to the calender, the next DMF will start on March 7th (as one might expect) rather than Feb 28th. VERY BIZARRE. :-\

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