Darkmoon Faire Vendor bots

I’ve been posting several tickets now about bots occupying every single Layer on Firemaw (Classic TBC), buying possibly thousands of gold per hour at Darkmoon Faire vendors. All characters I saw were from guild Aurora (two I remember - Workge and Deadge, both level one characters), possibly owned by the same person. No action taken as of now whatsoever. In the old days, these characters would be banned in a manner of hours. Now, not a single GM responded to my ticket.

People are getting upset, not to mention this will have an impact on server economy if it goes on…

Please either remove the Vendors from the game or start punishing cheaters for their misconduct.


This is completely unacceptable. I spend some hours in front of the vendors to be able to buy some good weeds and motes as I am herb gathering. I am so disappointed with Blizzard as I always found some level 1 character from the guild Aurora that is clearly a bot and they are unbeatable when it comes to be the fastest one to buy the items; in fact, they do buy everything at once.
There have always been bots in WoW, but Game Masters did really work hard to ban them and we, the real players, were willing to support the GMs with reports to be part of the solution. However, nowadays, nobody sadly seems to ban these bots.
It has felt incredibly nice to play TBC again, but these things literally bitter me hardly.

Please, do something.


I am the one who posted that. I do not know why a random Vulpera is shown xD

These are my characters, and I’m not a bot. I’ve been subbed on 4 accounts since early Classic to be able to summon my guild for world buffs and raids. The reason why I’m on Firemaw on level 1 characters right now is because Aurora is transferring there from Razorgore, starting today. I understand that what I’m doing looks suspicious when you don’t have the context. But all you have to do is talk to me ingame, like many others already have, and I’ll gladly explain who I am, what I’m doing and why.

EDIT: Also, “every single layer” is super misleading. I’ve only been on two layers at most. Yesterday Nova World Buffs showed that there supposedly was 4 layers on Firemaw, but even though I tried to get invited to a third layer for a couple of hours, I wasn’t able to.


I have seen you several times ingame, and when you whispered me I explained exactly what I was doing, but you didn’t answer me back. https:// i.imgur . com/8krnwER.png

Unbeatable? I have an addon that buys the items I want if they’re available, but I usually only check the vendors like once/twice per minute, or less if nobody else is around.


Not bots, just Banjo, you fool.


You fools. Aint no bots here, just a man on a mission.


I have spoken with the person we accused of being a bot and I do not believe that it is a bot anymore; yet s/he should check with a psychologist.

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That’s toxic :frowning:

on razorfen (ger) also 2 bots.
and im absolutely sure they are bots.
until they get banned the faire will be over again -.-
sorry for replying here and not on my server’s forums but this is the first google result

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