Darksorrow server now connected with Draenor?

There’s no official info I can find on this topic but I can 100% confirm that my Darksorrow character was connected with the Draenor realm. Tested this 5 times with huolon spawns and 5 times it was exactly the same & the same people showed up (I was ungrouped). The fact that this is nowhere to be found on the connected realms page is really frustrating for players like me (collectors)…

Step up your game Blizzard

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Excuse me for being a little bit thick…are you suggesting that draenor is part of the server group ?

As if you are, surely you can test this by trying to trade with a draenor player

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Don’t confuse shards with server-groups.

Yeah i thought it would be sharding rather than the same server group

Thanks for the replies. Im not really familiar with the whole sharding thing but it shouldn’t be possible that the darksorrow realm is being synced with the draenor realm right, as you can see with the huolon example? Shouldn’t it be only between the 3 connected realms (Darksorrow/Genjuros/Neptulon) ?

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