Darkspear Troll Heritage (Suggestion)

So, in the next patch Humans and Orcs will be getting their heritage armor which is great!

Personally I am waiting for darkspear heritage and can’t wait to see how it turns out.

Now the most likely theme for the heritage armour is gonna be around Shadow hunter and witch doctor theme.

With the heritage for the non-allied races there are a questline that focuses on the lore of that race.

Before the leaders of trolls were kings and warlords the leader of the tribes were usually the more spiritual shadow hunters or they had at least a great deal of influence and advised the leaders of the tribes.

Sen’jin, Vol’jin’s father and a former leader of the darkspear tribe, wished and dreamed that trollkind would once again be led by shadow hunters as they had been in the past.

Shadow hunters are still part of the other tribes even if they are not led by them.

Many of the larger tribes however have been defeated and in a lot of cases only a few members of the tribes remain.

This brings me to my suggestion for this heritage questline.

What if Rokhan were to pull a Zul and travel across Azeroth to find these scattered members of the ruined tribes and convince them to join the darkspear in realizing Sen’jin’s dream.

Naturally not all tribes are gonna accept this and are most likely going to be hostile towards us but if we have a Zandalari emissary with us they might hesitate to take drastic actions.

Different tribes most likely have different trials and rites of passage to become shadow hunters.
So during these travels we could be forced to complete these tribes trials in order to show us worthy of being shadow hunters and leaders in their eyes.

The reason for this suggestion and for us to recruit these tribes is to open the door and earning the customization options for Forest and Ice trolls larger models.

People have been asking for beefy trolls for a long time and this would be a great way to introduce them.

Let me know what you think!
Do you have other suggestions or ideas I’d love to hear it!

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for ref

Island Boy

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