DC - after having a break

so i was playing wow today until 2 pm CET because i was going to work 3 pm CET, and for some reason while i try to log in to game wow website and the game load slower and get DC all the time like 20-30 seconds in game … the longest period is 2 min - is it cuz i did race change from orc to troll warlock some kind of punishment XD ?


Same happen to me. Playing SOD and it just kick me off… sometime I cant even connect to server list

i also have problem that on wifi, wow “appear” offline and battle net app says im offline and wont let me change it to online
and game wont connect neither overwatch or World of Warcraft retail

it is suggested that you hardwire your connection to the game server as wifi is susceptible to outside interferences.

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vodafon situation in uk that was this problem which is solved already

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