DC from Twisting Corridors with high target count

When in torghast It is completely stable for me but if I go as boomkin or guardian with balance affinity and have a lot of on hit effects or any effects that trigger a lot of procs causing possible 50+ damage interactions per second (could possibly go up to 150+) with balance if I aggro too many mobs and cast all my aoe it can DC me as from what I imagine the server cant keep up with all the procs.
To give an idea of all the damage over time effects,

Direct Spells
Starfall (Aoe in a huge radius)
Moonfire (galactic guardian as well)
All the stuff that casts in Convoke

Brambles (aoe damage and damage on hit effect)
Solstice (300% more likely to trigger shooting stars)

Torghast abilities
Cloak of thorns (damage on hit effect)
Circle of weeds (33% faster damage over time effects)
Bloated Fodder (maw rats explosions)
Corrupted antenae (chance on hit to apply curse)
Fingers of frozen fury ( AOE Frost chance on hit effect)
Lightning Dust (Single target chance on damage)
Watchful Lightfly ( Any attacks that hit proc damage)
Fallen Armaments (25% haste buff in addition to the normal haste we get)
Frostbite Wand (deals 50% of current health to any target hit)
Gift of Ardenweald (35% haste buff)
Lens of Elchaver (i can get upwards of 50+ Crit chance so all the above affects, yup theyre rolling additional procs which can proc off itself)

Theres a lot more in the list but trust me, run into a huge pack of skeletons and pull the entire room, thrash, moonfire, barkskin and switch to boomy to get a free starfall and blast off a convoke, thats a hell of a lot of effects procing which i think is too much for the game / server to handle.