Dead Server - what can i do?

Just got back onto classic after 18 months not playing WoW. I have a level 50 that I would like to get to 60 before TBC releases, however the server I am playing on is completely dead. Only seen 1 alliance player in 3 days. There are a few horde about, but they just end up ganking me while i try to quest. I can’t do any dungeons due to lack of players.

I don’t understand why in situations like this, they can’t just use a bit of common sense. I am willing to pay for a server transfer to make my WoW experience enjoyable but it is not possible…

Thanks - so essentially I am screwed and can no longer do anything other than solo quest and get smashed by horde for a few weeks and potentially into the start of TBC unless they open up transfers again ASAP?

My guess would be that it will open on prepatch,18/19th this month and for sure before BC is out

I really hope so - it is a struggle at the moment

It be okay, mon. Hexx t’inks you movin’ for launch.

Come to Razorgore. We a friendly bunch wit a healthy faction balance and overall population. I might kill ya once or twice, if provoked, but neva be cruel enough ta gank ya for long.

Good luck, mon. And stay away from da voodoo…

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