Dead servers MEGATHREAD - Ghostlands/Dragonblights plea to Blizzard

I just wanted to say that as soon as they announced server connections Stormrage/Azuremyst got marked from Low to Medium. Coincidence?

Does that mean dead Stormrage/Azure no longed classify for connection? heh.

I wish they announced a full list of realm they want to connect so we can transfer off dead servers for Shadowlands.

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Medium shouldn’t be the standard for merges don’t worry.

Dunno about the overall EU situation but I’m fairly sure there are high pop FR servers linked with other servers which made me believe that the goal was to reach something similar to a full pop server.

If you end up transfering from a dead realm after they finally do something about dead realms then they failed their stated goals pretty hard

Let’s hope it never reach that point.


@Deed: The size listings are not completely static as part of them is activity related and they are also relative to other realms, so there are some realms that change size fairly often, a few even several times a day. :smiley:


Pretty much all servers WM on I guess.

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has there been any info on how the merges have gone since their “rocky” start…

No clue, can’t say I have kept up with it.
Edit: went to check the last connection that should have happened: Kilrogg/Hellfire seems even that one failed and they haven’t got a connection yet. Source

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i’ve not heard anything, what have you heard? xD

but seriously, any news? im classic now, not retail so not sure how things are like currently.

Well, if you’re lucky you won’t be merged with polish or portuguese realms.

so, like 2 months on, where do we stand…?

@Vintoleth: Some things done, some things gone… and still lots of things to do. Blizzard has managed to connect somewhat more US than EU realms and has done quite a bit in other regions, too. Even so, there are still many realms that need to get connected. Ghostlands / Dragonblight has not come up yet, but Blizzard has been only making announcements on weekly basis so we do not see very far ahead even though we know more will be done.

Some connections have been received with joy, others with rage. :confused: Perhaps the most noteworthy thing is that Blizzard has used larger realms more during program 2 than they did during connection program 1.

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Looks like this week it happens for you :slight_smile:


It is finally happening!

Ghostlands / Dragonblight is getting merged to Deathwing / Karazhan / Lightning’s Blade / The Maelstrom.

Don’t know much about these realms but they are currently listed as Medium. But their forum activity is low and they are complaining about population to.

Curious to see if this is going to help us.

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@Neyla: Blizzard is creating some quite complex combinations, so there is (in my opinion) a fairly high chance this is just “Stage 1” as there has already been at least one connection that (due to other connections already done and couple of megasized singles) went from “Low” + “Low” to “Low” total and will also be expanded upon.


Deathwing was high like a month or two ago so merged I’m 90% sure the result will be high population.

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Still no Lightbringer :sob:


I understand your disappointment but consider how many low population realms there are still in the game:

  • Aerie Peak/Bronzebeard
  • Twilight’s Hammer/Agamaggan/Bloodscalp/Crushridge/Emeriss/Hakkar
  • Aggramar/Hellscream
  • Alonsus/Anachronus/Kul Tiras
  • Aszune/Shadowsong
  • Azuremyst/Stormrage
  • Blade’s Edge/Eonar/Vek’nilash
  • Bloodhoof/Khadgar
  • Bronze Dragonflight/Nordrassil
  • Lightbringer/Mazrigos
  • Moonglade/Steamwheedle Cartel/The Sha’tar

So not counting this week’s connections there are roughly 11 low clusters left (basing this on the ingame realm status which isn’t the most accurate but it’s good for a rough estimate).

Consider each week we’re likely to see 3-4 low English realms connected you’ll likely get connected in the next few weeks.


@ Tifa, I’m keeping everything crossed we get a Lightbringer connection soon!


Hopefully before sl so I can sell some stuff on ah still x.x

But thank you for giving me hope! Would be cool to get merged with Anachronus. That is the server I started on :rofl:


Haven’t seen you in a long time, Vintoleth! :open_mouth:

Been on Ghostlands since the day BC launched, honestly gotta say by now it definitely lives up to the name- rarely ever seen anyone that isn’t on another server in cities/zones at this point

Haven’t seen too many of the original players from this server either, most have moved off to other realms, classic or just quit playing completely. Sad to see how much it’s died over the years as it was a pretty busy hub back in the day, basically the last remaining active member of my guild as well atm as the game has lost it’s interest point for many so I’ve missed out on quite a bit. plus, the end game aspect of raiding was definitely more productive and lighthearted with guildies around over randoms- PUGs tend to be a nightmare to sort out without chaos now.

fingers crossed for this server merge on Wed making it seem a bit more lively though :slightly_smiling_face:

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Based on our current server populations this is really good news for the Alliance. However our Horde population has been struggling for a while now, and I don’t see how merging an Alliance heavy realm (from what wowprogress reports) is going to help the Horde player base.

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