Ah not connected(after merge)

I been playing on arathor and last reset we got a server merge.
But if I make a char on kill rog a server arathor merged with there are no auctions from arathor.
On arathor we are able to see auctions from the new merge

Hey :slight_smile:

I play on Nagrand and was hoping too see new players from hellfire / Arathor…but not yet it seems.

Can’t seem to find any information on the realm connection from Blizzard. Not sure what happened!

Yeah it’s strange . I thought that real merging was ah etc.
I don’t know what the benefits are at he moment.

They’ve not been connected, it was a connection attempt that failed, like often happened lately.

Aha Nice communication by bliz then.
They made a big post and took the server down for 8H and no news after that.
But ty for your response .
I was hoping for some more filled servers and ah.
But maybe in the future

Yes, if they can get on top of this they can do 4 mergers a week per region, and yours should be pretty high on the list, but I don’t have a good feeling.

Just look for example atm: there’s a sticked post saying they connected that realm?

If you can’t see people on who or items in AH from the other realm it’s not connected, so there may be some communication issues on blizzard’s insides.

nope it aint connected, I was hoping for you guys to join our realms or us joining your realms depends how you look at it., but for the moment nope not happend.

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